Data Therapy: Root/Tangle/Relief/Well Done/That’s it

Root/Tangle/Relief/Well Done/That’s It (2017) is a part of The Body Recovery Unit’s audio therapy series launched in the project Data Therapy (2017).

How does the digital hurt and please – and if possible – how can we recover?  

Root/Tangle/Relief/Well Done/That’s It (2017) is an art work and relaxation exercise that invites the ‘viewer’ to complete the art work with their body and imagination. The piece deals with the societal pressures around pregnancy and family making identified in the work Diagnostics (2017), also part of the Data Therapy project that is currently on show at Art Center Nabi, Seoul in South Korea. This is a collaboration with Toyin Adiyenka and So Young Choi who kindly lended their voices and thoughts for this project.

Full audio therapy sessions will be available soon!

Root/Tangle/Relief/Well Done/That’s it (2017), audio, 20.41 min. In: Neotopia, Art Centre Nabi, Seoul, South Korea.


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