Data Therapy: Diagnostics

*Last updated on August 31st, 2018*

With Diagnostics (2017) we are launching our feminist analytics diagnostics tool-set that integrates feminist practice with cutting edge data analytical tools.  Ready to uncover the narratives and pressures lurking underneath social media platforms?

Through a process of analysing 7000+ images shared around topics of pregnancy and family making on Twitter, we have created a response to the patterns of societal pressures emerging from the visual discourses in the digital. Diagnostics is the result of a collaborative process of analyzing, interpreting and responding by creating animated collages using the images shared on Twitter in the English (and later also Korean language space). This work is part of a larger project called Data Therapy, see also Root/Tangle/Relief/Well Done/That’s It (2017).

1001 Tips to: eat healthily, exercise safely, stay attractive, take the right supplements, buy the best products, have an impressive baby shower, craft the right attitude required from your partner (to have a partner!), and stay thoroughly relaxed throughout the process. Is the pervasiveness of such online content perhaps only amplifying pressures already experienced by people who are trying to expand their family? Midwives at the local maternity ward we are collaborating with confirmed that these pressures are indeed felt, real, and present in interactions midwives have with pregnant people at the ward. This project attempts to identify the ideologies that are at work, and create a space and tools to respond to them in order for people to relieve themselves of some the pressures they might feel around their pregnancies.

Diagnostics will be exhibited in fall 2018 at the Maternity Ward of Lewisham Hospital, London, UK in the form of postcards supported by a workshop.

Installation view Data Therapy (2018) and stills from Diagnostics (2017), stopmotion animation, 6.42min, created from scraped Twitter media around pregnancy. Exhibited at: Neotopia, Art Centre Nabi, Seoul, South Korea, Nov 2017-Jan 2018.

2017-10-30 16.54.16


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