The Body Recovery Unit is an art-based feminist research group established in 2017  with the aim to explore ways to scavenge for body parts in digital waste materials, public records and databases to investigate their financial, social and political worth. We ask questions such as: What part of the body is recorded in the digital – and what is left out? What are our digital records used for, who do they benefit or hurt? We look into datasets that affect people who are in the process of making a family, such as metrics of healthcare, policies that introduce financial rationalisation as the site of the body, such as care costing and savings systems based on predictions. Equally, we explore how contemporary visual cultures are developing online, and how we can use and exploit data analytical tools for feminist purposes and processes.

The Body Recovery Unit aims to work widely with healthcare activists, public institutions, and community groups using artistic methodologies to open up conversation about how we are affected by digitalisation of society. We use existing tools and open source our work, processes, toolkits, and manuals and they will be made available for free download on our website.

We are always open for new friendships and alliances – get in touch!
bodyrecoveryunit [at] gmail . com